FAQ: Does Notarization Legalize a Document?


The public has many misconceptions about notarization. Correcting these misconceptions is important as most of us will have something that needs to be notarized at some point in our lives. One of them is the notion that notarization legalizes a document. The truth is that notarizing a document never makes it official.

During a notarization, the notary is primarily concerned with the signature of the client and not the contents of the document that need to be notarized. The role of the notary is to confirm the identity of the signer and check his proofs of identification. Verifying the accuracy, truthfulness, or validity of the document is already outside the scope of the notary’s duties. If the client wants to legalize his documents, they should seek legal services in Georgia.

There are two common types of acts involving the notarization of business documents: acknowledgments and oaths. During an acknowledgment, the signer declares that they voluntarily executed the document. During an oath, the signer swears that the contents of the document are true and correct. In either case, the notary is not responsible for the validity of the document.

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