Signer Identification Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


As we are still in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are highly encouraged to observe health and safety protocols. These include the proper wearing of a face mask. While this measure prevents the further spread of the COVID-19 virus, it poses a problem for notaries during the notarization process. When half of the face is covered, it may hinder the proper identification of the signer.

Even before COVID-19, notaries cannot discriminate against individuals wearing a face mask as it falls into the category of a disability. Today, it poses more challenges as everyone is now required to wear a face mask. Despite the demands of the recent crisis we are facing, notaries must still positively identify the signer to proceed with the notarization of business documents.

There are ways to circumvent this limitation. The notary can ask the signer to temporarily remove their face mask. Health and safety protocols should still be followed by observing social distancing. This is done to ensure that the notary can visually identify the signer’s appearance and ensure that it matches with the photo on their identification documents.

If the signer is uncomfortable and refuses to take off their face mask, the notary can advise them that they won’t be able to proceed with the notarization process. The notary should be careful not to seem discriminatory. They can also suggest that the signer seek the services of a notary they know. They may also refer them to an online provider of legal services in Georgia.

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